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Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo ecoFLEX Online Edition sizes and dimensions


4666 mm
1884 mm
1687 mm
2760 mm
front track width:
1584 mm
rear track width:
1588 mm
ground clearance:
- mm


distance backrest/pedals:
900-1150 mm
front head space:
980-1065 mm
front backrest length:
640 mm
front seat length:
520 mm
front entry height:
640 mm
front interior width:
1485 mm
distance backrest front/rear:
655-935 mm
rear head space:
985 mm
rear backrest length:
630 mm
rear seat length:
480 mm
rear seat height:
405 mm
rear interior width:
1480 mm
distance backrest 2nd/3rd row:
520-730 mm
3rd row head space:
890 mm
3rd row backrest length:
605 mm
3rd row seat length:
430 mm
3rd row seat height:
240 mm
3rd row interior width:
1220 mm
average distance backrest front/rear:
770 mm


mass empty:
1633 kg
max load capacity:
722 kg
maximum permissible mass:
2355 kg
maximum mass front axle:
- kg
maximum mass rear axle:
- kg
maximum mass braked trailer:
1450 kg
maximum mass unbraked trailer:
750 kg
maximum mass on trailer hitch:
75 kg
maximum roof load:
100 kg


total trunk capacity:
710-1860 l
length min./max.:
960 mm / 1780
width min./max.:
1060 mm / 1060
810 mm
rear door (length x width):
side door (length x width):
max height:
620 mm

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Opel Zafira
Opel Zafira
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