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AAS - Adaptive Air Suspension

Created by Audi engineers, the Adaptive Air Suspension is an electronically controlled air suspension system coupled with continuously adaptive damping. Originally an Audi A8-only feature, it is now available for the Q7 SUV also. Each of the vehicle's wheels have air suspension struts which are being electronically controlled by a central control unit which takes its data from sensors on the axles and acceleration sensors on the body.

Making necessary changes in milliseconds, the computer controls the damping force at each individual wheel, thus minimizing uncomfortable body movements when the car is braking, cornering or even driving off-road (in Q7's case).

Another advantage of the AAS system is the body self-levelling feature, making the vehicle's suspension height remain constant irrespective of the load it is carrying. Also, the Adaptive Air Suspension allows the driver to directly influence the suspension characteristics like height and comfort settings as individually preferred.